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Tony J. Caridi

DEADLY SINS of Father Hans Schmidt - Novel by TONY J. CARIDI


      This is the chilling true story of the enigmatic thirty-two-year-old Roman Catholic priest Father Hans Schmidt, who immigrates to America through Ellis Island in June of 1909, from the Bavarian town of Aschaffenburg, Germany. Father Schmidt leaves behind his past transgressions, only to discover in America—new depths to which his depravity and inner demons will take him. Surrendering to deep-rooted licentious urges, the priest betrays his holy vows, begins a secret affair, and falls in love with the tempestuous Anna Aumuller, the voluptuous nineteen-year-old housekeeper at New York City’s St. Boniface Church rectory.


     Now pregnant, and scared, the priest’s young lover threatens to expose his mortal sins, and more. Not only has Father Schmidt fallen from grace, but he is also at the head of a New York City counterfeiting ring. In a deranged dusk-till-dawn odyssey, the priest turns to past habits for a solution: bloody murder, dismemberment, and the cold-blackish waters of the Hudson River, as Anna’s love for Hans proves to be a “Lethal Trust”. The psychotic acts of this desperate killer on an early fall evening in 1913, will lead New York City detectives, clue by clue, to a Harlem church and Father Hans Schmidt.


      The father’s apparitions and crimes will ultimately lead the immigrant to “Old Sparky” the electric chair at New York’s Sing Sing Prison, and infamy, as Father Hans Schmidt becomes the first, and only Catholic Priest to be executed in the United States.


Sleepy Hollow Massacre - Novel by TONY J. CARIDI


Based on Actual Events.


      Four high school friends reunite after sixteen years when a late October nor’ Easter dubbed, The Halloween Gale, rumbles into town, plunging New York City into total darkness. The wicked weather and the blackout promise to make the couple’s Co-Op City soirée, a night they’ll remember, for as long as they—can—live. Little do they know; the raging storm is the least of their worries.


     Though their memories have faded over the years, they soon remember just how mismatched this unlikely quartet was in high school, and still are. They decide to venture out into the storm on a Halloween lark, and a seemingly innocuous Uber ride from the city to the infamous Buckout Road in Westchester turns out to be a big mistake. Unknowingly, their Uber driver is pitting them against each other, and their friendships rapidly deteriorate. When it becomes each man and woman for themselves, they all regret their decision to leave the 24th-floor apartment. The wicked storm intensifies, but the real danger to their lives comes from their driver, Asmodeus, who is actually a demon sent from Hell.


     Asmodeus’ arrival is not at all random in fact, precisely planned. A one hundred fifty-year-old curse thought to have been vanquished, reemerges with the tempest. This time, it returns with a vengeance and a target victim that it must possess. Little does one of the four know that they are the last living descendant of Isaac Van Wart Buckhout, hanged in 1872 for the brutal New Year’s Day murder of his wife, a neighbor, and his son.


     The Uber driver from Hell has his evil work cut out for him. His intended victim is far from the pushover Isaac was. And, what’s more—Az soon learns that a spirit-force from another realm is protecting the target host. Will the evil curse succeed and be resurrected? Will the wicked anathema successfully destroy its final victim and claim their soul, before returning to the depths of Hell? In the end—will the last one standing have what it takes to survive; the Sleepy Hollow Massacre?

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